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Sen. Patrick Toomey and health care reform

Senator Patrick Toomey
Senator Patrick Toomey

Sen. Pat Toomey
United States Senate
248 Russell Senate Office Building

Local Offices

Sen. Pat Toomey
Suite 101
1150 South Cedar Crest Boulevard
Allentown, PA 18103
Phone: 610-434-1444
Fax: 610-434-1844

Sen. Pat Toomey
Federal Building
Suite B-120
17 South Park Row
Erie, PA 16501
Phone: 814-453-3010
Fax: 814-455-9925

Sen. Pat Toomey
Federal Building
Suite 1104
228 Walnut Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Phone: 717-782-3951
Fax: 717-782-4920

Sen. Pat Toomey
Suite 225
100 West Station Square Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-803-3501
Fax: 412-803-3504

Sen. Pat Toomey
8 Penn Center
Suite 1702
1628 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 215-241-1090
Fax: 215-241-1095

Sen. Pat Toomey
Suite 302
538 Spruce Street
Scranton, PA 18503
Phone: 570-941-3540
Fax: 570-941-3544

Sen. Pat Toomey
Richland Square III
Suite 302
1397 Eisenhower Boulevard
Johnstown, PA 15904
Phone: 814-266-5970
Fax: 814-266-5973

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Sen. Patrick Toomey: key health care votes

5/25/2011 5:22 PM H.Con.Res.34: Ryan Budget Bill 2011

Status: Senate motion to proceed rejected 40-57, 3 not voting

This bill would end Medicare as we know it, replacing it with a voucher system for seniors to buy health insurance coverage on the open market. Actuaries say the amount of the vouchers would not be enough for seniors to replace the coverage they would lose with the end of Medicare. [more]

Thumbs Down

Sen. Toomey voted Yes, which we score as unfavorable.

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04/18/2011 4:04 PM -- Updated: Who voted to kill Medicare?The good news is that Ryan’s plan doesn’t appear likely to become law. The Democratic-controlled Senate and President Obama stand in its way. But the vote itself provides a stark ...

About Sen. Patrick Toomey

Current Office: Senator from Pennsylvania
Name: Pat Toomey
Date Elected: 11/2/2010
Party: Republican

Background Information:

Nick Name: Pat
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 11/17/1961
Birth Place: Providence, RI
Religion: Roman Catholic
Spouse: Wife, Kris
Children: 3


  • BA, Harvard University

Professional Experience:

  • Investment banker
  • Restaurant owner

Political Experience:

  • US House of Representatives


  • Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
  • Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection (Ranking Member)
  • Subcommittee on Housing, Transportation, and Community Development
  • Subcommittee on Securities, Insurance, and Investment
  • Committee on the Budget
  • Committee on Finance
  • Subcommittee on Health Care
  • Subcommittee on Social Security, Pensions, and Family Policy (Ranking Member)
  • Subcommittee on Taxation and IRS Oversight
  • Joint Economic Committee